Big Brother Naija Promotes Immorality Among Youths -Mount Zion Pastor Mike Bamiloye

G.O of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Pastor Mike Bamiloye, is of the opinion that the just concluded Big Brother Naija television reality show “glorified immorality among African youths”.

In a post on his Facebook, the gospel movie producer stated in a post titled “BBN, painfully still on my mind” that, “What does this teaches our youths now? Glamourizing and glorifying immorality before the cameras of the world fetch you millions and make you celebrity overnight.

“I hope some Pastors will not begin to make reference to this as a work of God’s Grace.

“They kiss, they romance. Before the cameras of Africa. And they were honoured and glorified. At times, the glories of the world make the children of kingdom looks stupid.

“I hope some kingdom children will not begin to envy this kind of worldly glories.”


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