Mel B Loses Battle To Reclaim Possession Of Alleged Sex Tapes

Former member of defunct Spice girl Mel B has lost her battle to regain possession of alleged sex tapes held by her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte.

The 41-year-old was seeking a court order demanding Belafonte turn over any “electronic media in his possession” that depicted the former Spice Girl “in either a sexual situation and/or other compromising situation.”

A judge denied her request on Friday (07Apr17), People.com reports. However, the temporary restraining order Mel B was granted against her 41-year-old estranged husband earlier last week prevents him from distributing the videos in any way.

The America’s Got Talent judge maintains that Belafonte has the tapes, along with her Spice Girls memorabilia and photos of her recently deceased father, in a storage facility.

Mel claims the storage facility is under the name of Lorraine Gilles, the couple’s former nanny, who she has claimed Belafonte had an affair with during their marriage.

The singer’s efforts to gain access to the alleged storage facility was also denied by the judge on Friday.

Belafonte has been ordered by authorities to leave the Los Angeles mansion he shares with his estranged wife, and has a restraining order against him preventing him from contacting Mel and her three daughters – Phoenix, 18, Angel, 10, and 5-year-old Madison.

According to legal documents, Mel B tried to leave Belafonte several times, but he allegedly threatened to destroy her career by releasing the sex tapes.


“I have lived the past decade in fear that (Belafonte) would release intimate videos of me that would embarrass me and damage my reputation and my career,” she claimed in court. “Once (he) made the threat of releasing videos, it became impossible to say no to him, giving him complete control.”

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