Hollywood Lends Support to A Day Without a Woman

International Women’s Day has found a strong advocate this year: Hollywood.

In observance of A Day Without a Woman, many production companies and other organizations are supporting their female employees with paid days off. In some cases, companies have opted to close for the day altogether.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, companies from New Form to United Talent Agency will not only allow women to take the day off, but will offer events in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London.

Elsewhere, MTV has flipped it’s logo from an M to a W. Film Independent announced via Twitter that they would be silencing social media for today. NBC, Netflix, Open Road and others have also encouraged their female employees to take the day off.

Throughout Hollywood, A Day Without a Woman is in full effect. Celebrities, television show runners and others have taken to Twitter to share their support.

The Day Without a Woman was born from the Women’s Marches which began on January 21, 2017. The intention of the day is to demonstrate the valuable contributions of women in the workforce.

*This post first appeared on AwardCircuit.com


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