New Nokia 3310: 6 Things You Need to Know Ahead of Tomorrow’s Unveiling

Seventeen years after it was originally launched, what is deemed to be the world’s most resilient and reliable phone ever made is making a comeback.

New Nokia 3310 looks set to be unveiled tomorrow and well, here’s seven things you never knew about this popular feature phone.
1. 126 million units of the original Nokia 3310 have been sold worldwide making it one of the most popular phones ever.

2. The Nokia 3310 was first announced in September 2000 and was released later that year – it cost, a rather hefty, £129.99 (about 32,000 naira) on a pay-as-you-go deal.

3. The phone featured a 900mAh battery which had an official standby time of 260 hours – that’s 10 days without needing a charge.

4. The famous Snake game wasn’t first seen on Nokia phones. The very first Snake-type adventure was actually an arcade game called Blockade which was created back in 1976.

5. Although the original 3310 was expensive it’s expected the new 3310 will go on sale for a much more affordable price of £49 (12,000 naira).

6. The original Nokia 3310 had 35 ringtones built-in with space for seven custom tones. These could either be downloaded, or can be composed by the user using the tone composer.

The device will be shown to the world during Nokia’s press conference on Sunday afternoon, which is taking place at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


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