My True Fans Know I Don’t Have “This Proudness” –Banky W

Banky W

Banky W‘s visit to the Housemates at Big Brother Naija became the major talking point of the show followers and that of the large entertainment industry, when BBN housemate, Gifty, claimed she had never heard of the name -Banky W- never. Gifty made this claim during her diary session in the BBN TV show.

Gifty BBN Housemate

Gifty, the Big Brother Naija housemate

As if that’s not enough, Gifty had went ahead to blast the R&B singer, saying he seems to be proud and fake.

However, Banky W has again reiterated his own personality as against what the BBN housemate had painted of him.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Banky W, laughed off Gifty’s claim that he is proud. “I like interacting with my fans, and sometimes I go out of my way to spend time with them. My true fans will certainly tell you that I’m not proud, and nobody has ever really accused me of that. However, it is possible for people to judge you from a distance without really knowing you. I don’t let things like that bother me,” he said.

The Strong Thing singer also took to his Twitter page to say, “To be fair, I don’t know her much either. Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one and is entitled to it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t full of s**t. If only I was paid, it would be okay.”

Meanwhile, fans of the singer also took Gifty to the cleaners, with many of them describing her as fake, local and irrelevant.


Meanwhile, Banky has earlier responded to Twitter comments tagging him in such a Gifty’s thread


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