4 Beauty Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is the essential oil extract of the seed from the carrot plant Daucus carota. Carrot seed oil is a golden-yellow colored liquid extracted from the dehydrated seeds and roots of carrot or Daucus Carota through steam distillation method. It has long been considered as a natural health remedy all over the world due to its high nutrient content. But apart from its health benefits, it can be used as a beauty aid too. Here are top 4 beauty benefits of carrot seed oil:

Moisturizes perfectly

Carrot seed oil is an efficient emollient, which helps lubricate the cells present in the surface layer of the skin by restoring their lost moisture. It not only hydrates the skin by balancing its natural oil content but also makes the dry and rough tissues softer. Moreover, the unique composition of the oil moisturizes the skin perfectly without making it greasy or clogging the pores.

 Offers Sun-Protection

The oil is rich in more than 600 acknowledged carotenoids (a certain group of oil-soluble antioxidants that get assimilated in our cells instantly), tocopheryl and vitamin E, which offer excellent protection from the harmful UVR of the sun by increasing our body’s immune response significantly. The presence of such a huge amount of antioxidants makes it an effective natural sunscreen (with sun protection factor or SPF lying anywhere between 35 and 40) that can stop skin damages, heal sunburns, avert photo aging and prevent skin cancer.

Treats Acne Successfully

It has been found that ‘retinol’, which is basically a derivative of vitamin A, can speed up the procedure of ‘cellular turnover’ in our body, thereby putting a stop to the accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores. As the skin pores remain unclogged, we experience lesser breakouts. The same is true incase of carrot seed oil too. Being full of vitamin A, it can detoxify our skin cells faster, which makes it a good natural treatment for acne.

Great Antioxidant

Carrot seed essential oil can help you retain your youth and look refreshingly young even as your friends start balding and showing wrinkles on their faces. Actually, antioxidants in this essential oil repair a lot of the damages done to your tissues by oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. These antioxidants protect your skin from wrinkles, keep your hair from turning white, your joints from stiffening, your muscles from weakening and your eyesight from declining. Antioxidants can work other miracles too. They can protect you from macular degeneration, sexual weakness, weak digestion, some forms of cancer and other problems related to aging.

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