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Live from the Red Carpet: The 2017 Grammy Awards: Join Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic at the 2017 Grammy Awards, as they welcome the biggest music stars on the planet to the red carpet and catch up with the nominees, presenters and performers. Plus, on 15 February at 20:00, the Fashion Police will be on hand to cast a critical eye over who’s wearing what, highlighting good, the bad, and the
wackiest moments from one of fashion’s biggest nights. Tune in to Live From the Red Carpet on Sunday 12  February at 01:00 CAT and Fashion Police on Wednesday 15 February at 20:00 CAT.


The Detectives Club: New Orleans: New Orleans is like no other city in the world and for the homicide detectives working in the city, there are some cases they just can’t leave behind. In this documentary series five retired New Orleans homicide detectives meet to confront their demons they talk us through some of the most difficult, high profile and emotional murder cases of their careers. Featuring interviews with the victims’ families and friends and re-enactments, the series outlines how these dedicated men and women solve some of the most heinous murders The Big Easy has ever seen. From Thursday 9 February at 22:00 CAT.


YOUniverse : Asking the question “What does your universe look like?”, “YOUniverse” showcases space exploration from the perspective of a child through a series of educational shorts loaded with beautiful visuals and scientific facts. Each episode starts with a child describing their perfect planet, star, or thing to do in space. With the unique imaginations of each child, this series uses specific art styles to compliment the child’s imagination as well as the story they tell. Every day at 07:10 CAT, 15:00 CAT and 20:50 CAT.


The Son I Never Knew: Clara receives a phone call from a man named Patricio who offers her
information on what happened to Ignacio – in exchange for a large sum of money. Catalina and Pablo argue after she sees him selling drugs at the university. New evidence is found at Patricio’s house, and a suspect is arrested. Clara is in crisis after watching a video of Ignacio on the night he died, which shows him in bad shape, screaming that everything has gone wrong. Weekdays at 17:10 CAT.



Manual and Silvana: Silvana finds she can always rely on Manuel to make her smile and cheer her up when things get tough. Maria Jose looks for Andres to ask him for forgiveness after leaving him at the altar, but he is still too hurt and insists that she leave. Manuel finds out that Silvana and her whole family have moved out of the neighbourhood. Premieres weekdays at 18:00 CAT.





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