3 Reasons Why Fashion Has no Rules

Fashion rules
Fashion rules


The fashion world is famous for embracing creativity and artistes that make the effort to stand out, but if there’s also another thing fashion is famous for, it’s the long list of supposed do’s and don’ts. Your bag should match your shoes. No mixing prints. No mixing gold and silver.  It can be draining, to say the least, restricting the amount of fun we are supposed to have and sucking the freedom out of our means of self expression and identity. In order to solve many styling dilemmas and break many stringent rules of fashion, we will go rebel, and give you five reasons why fashion has no rules.

Who Made the Rules!

A lot of style and fashion influencers, after working in the fashion industry for a while, literally come up with rules that they have stuck by and believe should work for everyone. They, in collaboration with the mass media release rules they feel should be norms in the industry and society concerning fashion. They forget that rules hinder creativity and thus making everyone a follower, leaving few to be inspirations.

Personal identity

‘’ it’s a new era in fashion there are no rules, its all about individual and personal style.’’ This famous quote by Alexander McQueen further helps buttress the fact that fashion is intertwined with the construction and reconstruction of identity; it shows how we represent or contradict ourselves every day. Rules will not help us achieve this and the most respected people are those that step out of their comfort zone, and are not afraid to dress or wear what they like.

Anything can be a Trend

Never say never in fashion, because you’ll be wearing ‘never’ in two years time. After spending years seeing fashion trends, you realise that anything can become a fashion trend. The fashion industry is lauded for its eccentricities and energy because fashion, as we know it, has no limits. A lot of people wonder if anything escapes the trend-mill, from Jean Charles de Castelbajac’s Kermit Frog Jacket to Moschino’s French Fries Phone case or Jeremy Scott’s Winged Adidas Trainers; it’s surprising that anything can become a trend, rendering rules void.

Whatever the case in fashion, there are always people who buy into trends, rebel against them, and those who are unaware. But the dominant fact still remains that even as much as people try to dictate fashion, there will a lways be people that resist the general norm and carve out their own niche.

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