From Being Fat Shamed on Twitter to Being Interviewed For Essence Magazine

Amanda parker went viral after a Twitter troll fat shamed the gorgeous, full-figured 22-year-old “AyEatcha Curry,” and she clapped back by telling him, “It’s actually Amanda Parker” and “@ me next time.”

He tried it but he did fail.

she stood up against a body shamer.

And got a fan in Ayesha Curry.


The wife of back-to-back NBA MVP Stephen Curry caught wind of Parker’s incident and how she resembles her … and she’s here for all of it.

Not only did Ayesha call Amanda “gorgeous,” but she added, “I feel lucky to be your unofficial twin.”Take a look.

We have always been a fan of Mrs Ayesha but sliding into Amanda’s mention,made us love her more.

Amanda Parker and Ayesha Curry are two gorgeous ladies.

“Being body-shamed is so unfair, and I’m happy with the responses I got from most people,” she told BET. “People have been showing so much love. I’ve had women tell me I’m their hero. That makes me extremely happy. I really hope I’ve inspired beautiful women of all sizes. People on the internet can be so mean.”


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