Exquisite Magazine campaigns to prevent cervical cancer

cervical cancer campaign by exquisite magazine

January is cervical cancer awareness month.

Exquisite Magazine has started a campaign #smearit in support to prevent cervical cancer.

cervical cancer campaign by exquisite magazine

This is to encourage ladies to get their pap smear done and #getscreened. Also #spreadtheword  as #earlydetection is key. Everyone is encouraged to also join the #smearit selfie challenge by posting a picture of themselves with their lipstick smeared on their faces. After which they can nominate any of their friends and family to join in the fun. This is an interesting and fun way of creating more awareness for a serious form of cancer that is 100% preventable. There are Lots of freebies to be given to everyone. #teal4cervicalcancerawareness #emac2017 #cervicalcancerawareness

cervical cancer campaign by exquisite magazine


Every hour in Nigeria, women die of cervical cancer, a disease that is largely preventable thanks to annual Pap Smear and HPV vaccination. Unfortunately, a lot of people; do not go for their yearly screenings, have not had the vaccination and do not know that early detection is key to increasing survival rates. It is very important that we educate everyone about the disease, its symptoms and ways to prevent and treat it.

The Exquisite Magazine Cervical Cancer Prevention Week provides us with an opportunity to do just that! January 2017 is the global cervical cancer awareness month and February 4th, 2017 is World Cancer Day and there’s no better time to go for a screening and create awareness about this than now!

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