GOtv Weekly Highlights: WeeK 3: 14 – 20 November


Zee World

The Urban Cook: Life in a big city unravels at a frenetic pace and cooking becomes a tedious task. You can order out, but doing so regularly takes a toll on both your health and pocket. Join Chef Saby on the Urban Cook, who understands the snags of fast-paced life, brings you a range of recipes designed to suit your lifestyle. He will show you how to handle new age kitchen equipment and stock up your house and fridge for some sumptuous one pot meals. Tune in Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17:00 CAT
Healthy but Tasty: Chef Ranveer whips up low-calorie versions of popular dishes that you can indulge in, without the guilt. With everyone going crazy about fitness, times are such that health food has become the staple diet of the fitness-conscious way. Now you can enjoy recipes made out of local, seasonal ingredients that aren’t just high on the healthy side, but tickles your taste buds too. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17:30 CAT.
Ram Lakhan (Movie): A women swears revenge when her husband is killed by his evil and wealth seeking family. Her pawns to do so, are her two sons, Ram and Lakhan. Tune in Sunday 20 November at 20h00 CAT.


Disney Junior

New Loopdidoo: Everyones favourite dog is back this month with 10 new episodes of Loopdidoo. Join Loopdidoo and friends on some more fun, wacky adventures with 10 brand new episodes. Find out what mischief the gang are getting up to now during the Playtime with Disney Junior block. Airs from Friday 14 November at 12:00 CAT.

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