How to see the super duper moon coming to sky tonight

If you’re not an early riser, go out at night on either Sunday or Monday to see the supermoon, a NASA scientist advises.

“I’ve been telling people to go out at night on either Sunday or Monday night to see the supermoon,” Noah Petro, a NASA scientist, said in a statement. “The difference in distance from one night to the next will be very subtle. So if it’s cloudy on Sunday, go out on Monday. Any time after sunset should be fine.”

He said since the moon is full, it will rise at nearly the same time as sunset.

The last supermoon was observed back in January 1948, although a fairly smaller one was observed in May 2012.
What is a supermoon?


If you miss this November view, don’t worry – there’ll be another supermoon just as big in 2034.

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