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Women Can Also Rule Nations, Not Only Kitchen, Other Room –Alakija

Africa’s richest woman and Chief Executive of Rose of Sharon Foundation, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija has described the current economic downturn, which has formed major discourse in public fora, as the price that Nigerians need to pay to get the desired change. Mrs Alakija said this on Thursday at the 2016 Excellence in Leadership Conference organised by Daystar Christian Centre.

Alakija, who was a guest speaker at the event, which had as if there ‘maximize your influence, said apart from Nigerians looking unto God for help, they should also go back to the basics because the nation has done things outside the way of God and everyone is paying the price.

“Everyone has to pay the price because it is a learning process of the ills that have taken place in the country, we have been too docile as a people, we allow people to get away with a lot of evils that they are doing, they should pay the price for what they have done, everyone is bearing the brunt now, we need to learn from our past mistakes. Some of the things we are doing wrong are not cutting our coat according to our sizes,” she said.

She also advised Nigerians on the need to plan for the future of the children because a nation that fails to plan, plans to fail. She said it takes time for change to take place adding that Nigerians are not exercising enough patience with the present administration and are expecting it to perform magic.

When asked her view on the possibility if Nigeria having a female president, Alakija said Nigerians should wait for the outcome of the American polls and then take a cue from there but added that there is nothing wrong in having a female president saying after all God did not condemn it in the Bible saying it is about being patient and hardworking.

She said whatever passion God has given to a woman should not just end in the kitchen or the ‘other room’ and she urged Nigerians to change their mindset on the role of women and until then will the country see a female president.

“I see no reason why women should always be deputy governors and not governors. I am not interested in politics but if God calls me to do something for Him in government I can’t ignore His call I have to honour Him,” she said

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