“Hmm, long distance,” you think out loud. Did I hear you say “work”? Yep, a long distance relationship takes a lot of hard work and dedication from both partners. Being in a relationship is work on a normal day, not to talk about it being long distance. It is very difficult to maintain romance when the two of you are not together in the same state or country. You are in Lagos, honey boo is in Port Harcourt, how do you do it? How do you keep your romance bubbling?

Here are tips which would help with maintaining a successful long distance relationship

  • First has got to be using the various technological devices we have now, telephones, the internet, letters, etc., to keep in touch. It is very important to keep in touch on a daily basis. Since you don’t see yourselves regularly and can’t spend time together per se, you have to communicate daily, else you both will drift from each other. Pick the medium that works best for both of you. If you can text all day, fine. If it’s Skype calls, fine. Whether it’s phone calls morning and late at night with texts and WhatsApp chats in between, Snapchatting every now and then, just use what works for you both.


  • Work on keeping the lines of communication open. Is something bothering you? Be open about it. Are you feeling like your needs aren’t being met? Talk about it. Make sure you always have an open and honest dialogue with him/her. It is very important to discuss any issues whatsoever you have. If you don’t understand something in the mail, text or WhatsApp message he sent, let him know. Let him clarify. Don’t go about harbouring things in your heart- it could lead to misunderstanding and misgivings. It is You don’t want that, do you? It’s tempting to not bring up things that are bothering you to avoid confrontation when you really want to enjoy every bit of time you have with each other, online or real-time.

Long Distance Relationship

  • You will need to see each other physically from time to time. Thus, before the end of each visit, make sure you know when you will see each other the next time. Set a date. Let it be definite. It is a lot easier to deal with the distance if you know that after a certain period of time, you will see each other again. Also make plans to end the distance soon enough, as it is important to have a general sense of when the long distance phase of your relationship will end. One of you might have to compromise.


  • And the last, trust each other. Couples who see themselves regularly have trust issues, not to talk of a long distance relationship. Trust yourselves if you want your relationship to work. It will take a lot of will on both sides, since you don’t know what you are doing most of the time. Trust each other.

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