How Helping Hands International, H2i, is saving lives

LOCATION: Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Helping Hands International, H2i, is an int’l NGO with a clearly defined objective of helping the less privileged in the society. This is made possible by a vision which entails working with kindhearted partners who are willing to make a donation of either N6,600, N13,200 or N19,800 to become registered on the scheme.

Helping Hands International, H2i

Helping Hands International, H2i Donating to motherless home

However, this partnership comes with good income stream & untold benefits that is better experienced than imagined.

With your donation of either N6,600, N13,200 or N19,800… You become a Help Partner with the organization.

H2i has a compensation plan for her partners which is why we are all here. As an NGO we operate with donations from individuals & Corporate bodies like GLO, Diamond Bank, HP Company, Apple INC., Hyundai Motors, etc.

Helping Hands International, H2i

Helping Hands International, H2i on duty

When you become a partner. All you need do is to refer two people from either your friends, loved ones, colleagues, church members etc. to partner with H2i & you earn good income streams as would be outlined shortly.

For every one person you refer that donates & registers, you earn $8 which is equivalent to N1320. So if you register 50 people in one day, that is 50 x 1,320 for you & this is the least of the benefits.

There are other bonuses as you move from one stage to the other. Your donation also serves as;

#Partnership fee
#Registration fee
#Donation to CHARITY

The three core projects of Helping Hands International are:

1.Humanitarian services (Help to the needy, widows, orphans & handicapped)

2.Human Capacity Development for sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services to members)

3.Passive & Residual income for proper financial empowerment of its members

Helping Hands International, H2i

Helping Hands International, H2i


Stage1: You get $26 or $58

Stage 2: You will earn a minimum of $1000 equivalent to N165,000 & you will be qualified for a brand new apple I-pad worth over N130,000 or an HP laptop & you will also be given a Close User Group Sim (CUG), for limitless communication.
Interestingly, achieving all this in less than 2weeks of joining is very possible depending on ur determination.

In stage 3: You earn $3000 (N495,000)  & a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA OR SUV  (the Latest Model) worth about N7.5m in the market now!

In addition to ur earnings in stage 3, u will also be given,

– $1,000 cheque each handed over to two (2) non-members of H2i , whom u have personally recommended to H2i as less privileged. Making it $2,000 for both of them. This is grant; Not a loan! And it is given to non-members by H2i courtesy of u.

Stage 4: Offers opportunity to earn another cash of  $6000 & a brand new jeep worth $27,000 – the HYUNDAI ix35!

You will also be privileged to empower a less privileged home (Motherless Babies Home). This is a grant in Millions.

Stage 5: Offers over $12,000 cash, $40,000 housing fund, an opportunity for an all expense international exotic holiday sponsored by H2i.
– The infinity bonus for life & much more.

Infact, the benefits you enjoy in H2i is enormous & can’t be exhausted.

I challenge u to explore this simple but powerful opportunity. I dare you to give it attention!

It is not just a Multi-Level Marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack & want in people’s lives.

H2i has a good number of sponsors Like GLO, Diamond Bank, Hyundai Motors, Apple Inc., HP Company, etc. who believe strongly in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The I-pads come from Apple Inc, who are partners with H2i. The Laptops are given by HP company. The cars are given by Hyundai Motors & the CUG Sim that you use for unlimited communication is given by GLO.

So build a solid future today by becoming a Help Partner

For more information on how to join and be a help partner , contact Mr Olaomi O.O on 08134737412 via calls or WhatsApp

Email: [email protected]


Mobile No: 08134067378

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