#osgnaturalhairstory: “My mum inspired my transitioning”


On July 21, we announced the #osgnaturalhairstory competition to celebrate and encourage women who are taking the path of going natural with their hair. As you read, entries have started flowing in and people are already voting for their favorite stories.

We have decided to bring you inspiring stories so far received. We hope this might inspire you to share your own natural hair story as well and win fantastic prizes.

The story below was shared by lilianadjarho

My mum inspired my transitioning. I travelled home 2013 and she said “Why not just let all your relaxed hair out, let fresh ones grow, and don’t use relaxer anymore”. The journey has not been easy. One incident i will never forget is, i was in keke going to work one day when a lady beside me saw my rough twistout and she was like “Blood of Jesus”. I felt awkward at first, but later burst into laughter.



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