Manchester United set to Sack Jose Mourinho?

Jose Mourinho began the 2016/2017 AON China Tour on the worst note possible, losing 4-1 to Borussia Dortmund in Shanghai yesterday.

The result, which although did not go down well with many fans of the club, was not seen as a big deal expecially as everyone knows that this was only his second game and he still doesn’t have the full squad available to him yet, with new acquisition Zlatan Ibrahimovic still on extended leave and many other key players still taking a rest.

The thing that got a lot of people talking however was the reaction of the new manager after the game, where he was quotes as saying the result meant nothing.



No sir, not in Manchester United, it does mean everything. Manchester are an Income generating club and every bad result affects them drastically, both on the field and in the stock market.

Another thing that the Manchester faithfuls were not too happy with was his inability to take blames and responsibilities; ‘Mourinho always wants to give excuses for defeat but takes all the glory for victory‘ a united fan posted on Instagram.

He also said the loss was as a result of fatigue and tiredness; Mr Mourinho, this is the beginning of the season and I don’t think anyone wants to hear all these excuses from you.

After the match, he said:

“I know that in pre-season the team that is in the advanced stage of preparation looks far better than the other team,” said Mourinho after the game.

“This happens year after year, some good teams lose to a big result, but I think it was too obvious, it was too obvious.

“If we do not know, I think after 10 minutes we know that one team started training 10 days ago and played one match and the other team started one month ago and already played four matches.



“It is too easy to see the difference in intensity and sharpness, so for us it was very difficult and I think the second half was better, we adapted better to the game.”

Mourinho said after he was signed that he has gotten the best and most sort out job in the world as Manchester United Coach, but also admitted it is the most difficult.

Jose Mourinho, welcome to Manchester United.

How many years do you think Mourinho will stay in Manchester?

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