BODUN Nigeria introduces affordable limited edition clothing for secondary school and university students, We present “OLUBODUN“!

The new pieces are designed and created for students who want to rock MAXIVIVE and MXVV clothing but are discouraged due to the prices. BODUN is Nigeria’s first subsidized high street brand and has been in the experimenting process for a few months now. The brand is designed to serve the unemployed/undergraduate fashion savvy who wants a fresh and equal share of limited edition clothing at their very base costs. 
With the most recent creations themed ‘OLUBODUN‘, the designs exhibit the culture of looking good and keeping up with fashion trends without trying hard to match up with the circular luxurious brands. These new pieces consist of clothing ranging from slacks to jumpers at an affordable price range of 800-5000 Naira
At the 2016 Ilorin Fashion week, creative director of BODUN, MAXIVIVE & MXVV, Papa Oyeyemi, staged a presentation unveiling ‘OLUBODUN‘, the first series from limited edition clothing brand. 
Photo credit: Adebayo Photography.

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