Protests Continue In Brazil As Ex-President Is Named Chief Of Staff

Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff is not doing herself any favors despite growing public disillusionment about her administration.

A few days ago, over one million people took to the streets of Brasilia to demand Rousseff’s resignation as Brazil’s economy experiences its worst ever recession. Impeachment proceedings were brought against Rousseff by the leader of Brazil’s lower house last year over contravening some budgetary laws.

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At the real center of the Brazilian storm is a two year long investigation into state run oil company, Petrobas. Rousseff’s predecessor, Lula Da Silva is one of those accused of money laundering and graft as well as other top political figures close to Rousseff.

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Despite the investigation, Rousseff has appointed Da Silva as Chief of Staff, a move which will protect him from investigation from state and federal authorities. Protests greeted the appointment as the President insisted that; “he is going to help; we are going to look at returning to growth, fiscal stability and controlling inflation,”

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