GOtv Presents Weekly Highlights for 18 – 24 January

In a bid to keep you highly entertained and informed, here’s a guide to airing times for your favorite programmes on Gotv.

  • E! Entertainment, channel 26, GOtv Value and GOtv Plus

Christina Milian Turned Up: This month, a worried Christina prepares for the opening of her brand new ‘We Are Pop Culture’ clothing store, amid concerns that her team won’t get it together in time. Meanwhile, things stay tense on the family front when Richard has an argument with Lizzy and Dom during a family dinner, prompting Danielle to have a meltdown. Season 2 continues on Fridays at 20:00 CAT

To continue with the awards theme, E! goes behind the velvet ropes of the Beyond The Red Carpet: British Fashion Awards. This is a starry night of glamour and fashion featuring the hottest designers and the A-List celebrities who wear them.Wednesday 20 January at 14:45 CAT

  • Telemundo, channel 14 on GOtv Plus

The Face of Destiny: Ezequiel discovers who Sofia Reyes really is. Marcos warns Veronica not to get involved with Luciano. Mariana tells Ezequiel the truth about what happened with Luciano. Valeria tells Martin that she thinks Ezequiel killed Antonia and her father. Ezequiel is disappointed that his family did not tell him about Luciano and Mariana. Diana reveals to Martin that she knows he is Diego. Ezequiel proposes to Mariana again, and Mariana tells Martin about it. Martin finds out that there are plans to give electroshock treatment to all the children who survived the accident to erase their memories. Premiere episodes weekdays at 16:20 CAT. Catch-ups Saturdays at 12.10 CAT.

For Love and Justice: Diablo and Genaro are looking for Liliana in every hideout they can think of. Fernanda must stop the kids before they discover where Liliana is hiding. Lucia is also curious, but then Liliana threatens her with a gun. El Diablo and his men attack a police control post and flee to Austin, Texas. Liliana is finally defeated, but Fernanda is in a bad way. It is Marisela and Rodriguez’s wedding day. Diablo sets a trap for Daniel. Lucia goes to the place where Daniel is being held prisoner. The confrontation between Diablo and Liliana results in Genaro getting shot. Weekdays at 18:00 CAT. Finale onFriday 22 January.

  • Aljazeera, channel 40 GOtv Value & GOtv Plus

The People’s Health: China’s Unique Challenge. With unique access The People’s Health travels to one of China’s oldest hospitals, Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Beijing, and a pioneering new primary health centre, to see health reforms in action. The film follows a young peasant boy who, together with his whole family, travels from the far north to Beijing, for life saving treatment, partly funded by his family’s health insurance. It also features those delivering care, including an ex ‘barefoot doctor’ brought out of retirement, and other outreach doctors. Challenges abound but this massive country is looking at some innovative ways to try to deliver The People’s Health across China airs Tuesday 19 January at 14:00 CAT.

101 East Out of Sight Last August, seven indigenous children from Malaysia mysteriously disappeared. It was 50 days before they were found in remote jungle, but only two made it home alive. The others had died from starvation or drowned.  It was later revealed the children were running away from school, where they also lived. Their disappearance led to allegations of abuse and neglect while revealing deeper issues with the authorities tasked with protecting them. 101 East enters the world of Malaysia’s indigenous Orang Asli tribe to learn of their decades’ long struggle for survival.  Airs Thursday 21 January at 00:30 CAT and Sunday 24 January 18:30 CAT.

Witness creating a nation: Three years ago, Jeremy Geia was a well-paid political journalist reporting from Australia’s capital. But he doesn’t exist anymore. Murrumu Walubara, as he is now known, has taken a tribal name, renounced Australian citizenship and abandoned two decades worth of savings. He has returned to his ancestral land in the north of Australia, where he has set about creating an indigenous nation with its own laws and institutions. Witness follows Murrumu during his impassioned weekly radio broadcast to promote the newly announced state, at citizen swearing-in ceremonies, and traveling to Canberra to lobby Australian ministers and foreign embassies for recognition 24 January at 00:30 CAT.

  • Zee World, channel  25 on GOtv Plus 

Looking for healthy and interesting alternatives meals to make for the kids? Then make sure you tune in to Kiddies Treatswhere Chef and mother, Gurdeep Punj will lead you through simple recipes that are wholesome and easy to make at home. Besides everyday snacks and lunch-box meals, Gurdip will demonstrate how to make party treats, desserts, juices, and much more. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17h30 CAT.

Shabri: Shabri takes matters into her own hands after her brother is killed by corrupt police officers. She seeks revenge on the police and the gangsters that were involved. Sunday 17 January at 21h00 CAT.

  • NatGeo Wild, channel 51 on GOtv Plus

Deadly Instincts: Fear Factor.  Facing threats from predators, child killers and cruel nature, survivors use their courage, wisdom and strength to make it against all odds. Premiere Monday 18 January at 18:00 CAT.

The Amazing Spider House: A team of experts fill a normal house with hundreds of spiders, and soon an astonishing drama unfolds within its walls. Friday at 22 January at 19:37 CAT

Hoanib – The Secrets of The Desert Elephants: The Namib is one of the world’s most hostile deserts, but some animals have developed ways to survive there the largest being elephants. Saturday 23 January at 09:22 CAT.

  • Discovery World, channel 50, GOtv Value and GOtv Plus

 America: Facts vs Fiction. History as we know it is full of holes or half-truths, while a mother lode of juicy details have been lost, distorted, covered up or simply ignored along the way. Series 3 of America: Facts vs Fiction is on a mission to set the record straight. Hosted by former naval officer and actor Jamie Kaler, this series is a wake-up call about the surprising hidden facts behind the most familiar and beloved stories from the USA’s history, filling in the blanks and debunking the occasional myth. In this third series, topics include America’s greatest generals, amusement parks, pioneering aviators, top secret vaults and much more. From Wednesday 20 January at 22:00 CAT

 Curiosity: I, Caveman:  In a fascinating exploration of human evolution, ten volunteers embark on an extraordinary social experiment to find out if modern man could survive the life of a caveman. Monday 18 January at 20:20 CAT

  • ED, channel 65, GOtv Value & GOtv Plus

Surviving Disaster: Why do some of our senses change in an emergency? How do we override these instincts to help us survive and thrive?  This is the journey that Amanda Ripley took in determining what factors influence the moment of crisis.Tuesday 19 January at 15:55 CAT

Green Wheels: The Killacycle team will attempt to officially break the world record for an electric vehicle on a 1/4 mile track. The bike goes from 0 to 60 in just under 1.5 seconds. We’ll go behind the scenes as the team prepares for the record.Wednesday 20 January at 15:25 CAT

  • Coming Up

Live From The RedCarpet: The 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards Saturday, 30th January at 01:00 CAT. E! takes viewers behind the scenes at of one of Hollywood’s most glamorous nights, reporting live from the red carpet with all the latest gossip and fashion updates as the stars hit the red carpet in their finery to celebrate outstanding work in film and television at the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. As interest and anticipation builds to a fevered pitch, E! captures every fascinating moment, including exclusive interviews and expert predictions for the night ahead.


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