Emma Stone in Talks to Play Cruella de Vil For Disney

The Spiderman Actress isn’t usually one who we’d associate with someone who would happily murder a bunch of Dalmatian puppies in the name of fashion but Emma Stone is poised to take on one of Disney’s most deranged villains of all time: Cruella De Vil.

The star is in talks to play Cruella in Disney’s titular project, which will offer a “new spin” on everyone’s favorite puppy-hating fashionista.

Cruella De Vil

For those who need a memory jog, Cruella de Vil wants to capture the dalmatians in the original film and turn them into a fur coat. Soon we may see what kind of life leads a person to this fate.

Playing a veritable devil de Vil would be a departure from many of Stone’s sweeter roles, as well as, according to casual celeb hang-out friend Jennifer Lawrence, her actual real life personality.

Source: Huffington Post

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