Kel Makes Surprise Comeback with ‘U Go Wound’

The night of Soundcity Urban Blast festival was full of surprises and one of the most surprising had to be Kel’s performance.

After over 2 year hiatus, mirred with controversy and rumour mongering, Kel makes a shocking come back with a new attitude and a new look. Having once been touted as the sexiest and most promising female emcee in the rap industry in Nigeria, Kel’s rising success fell on hard times as she split with her former label, Capital Music, and fans started looking at her different because of an apparent increase in weight. Infact, it was more than an apparent increase to many. Although she still finds the time to relate with music fans on social media, Kel has not recorded a new song in a long time.SoundcityDemiO_081

At the just concluded, #SoundcityUrbanBlastFestival, she took to the stage as a surprise to the fans to perform ‘U Go Wound’ featuring illbliss & Suspekt which was released in 2007. What she looks like now? Well see photo above.


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