The Garden & Flower Club of Nigeria Photo shoot

In 2013 The Garden and Flower Club of Nigeria (GFCN) hosted the first ever garden and flower exhibition of its magnitude in Nigeria.  The 1st and 2nd flower shows, held in 2013 and 2014 respectively, brought together flower enthusiasts and vendors from around the globe.  The success of which was hinged on the participation and enthusiasm of the vendors.

This year, as a tribute to the most talented florists and gardeners in Lagos, the GFCN hosted a photo shoot, themed Flowers at Christmas.


The event brought together 12 of the most talented florists, horticulturists and interior decorators in Lagos.  Each vendor was given the task of interpreting the theme based on their area of expertise—the result was breathtakingly beautiful!  From the variation of exotic flowers and plants, to the extravagant pieces of crockery and array of colors showcased, each display was intricately and exquisitely crafted.  The vendors who participated are Aralia By Nature, Sara O, Omar Gardens, Orchid Bistro, Jasmine Rose, Flowers Plus, Red Rose Floral, Rosety Gardens, Floral Fantasy, Flowerstalk, Urban Living and Flowers by Tori Van Jean.


In addition to the excitement of being able to express themselves through their art, the vendors were interviewed by some of the most prominent media houses in Nigeria including; Genevieve Magazine, Spice TV and Studio 53.  Genevieve Magazine, however, covered the entire photo shoot and got to know each vendor more closely.  The photo shoot themed, Flowers at Christmas, will be featured in Genevieve Magazine’s Christmas issue scheduled to hit stands this December.


Several attendees of the GFCN photo shoot were interviewed throughout the day.  Among the guests were GFCN Financial Secretary, Mrs Mimi Odiachi and Planning Member, Mrs Oghogho Asemota; both were thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the event.  Mrs Odiachi said, “These events are always great.  They give florists a chance to see what others florists are doing and become inspired to try new things.”


The goal of the GFCN, through events such as these, is to plant seeds of passion for nature in the heart of the people.  The goal is to reintroduce the culture of gardening in a fresh and dynamic way.  The goal is to create a ‘greener’ Nigeria…this journey is well under way.

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