#OSGRecap2015: Barack Obama Reveals His Favorite “Netflix and Chill” Movie

If you haven’t heard about the OSG Recap 2015, I think it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock or something… the President of the United States of America Barack Obama and His first- lady Michelle Obama have gotten in on the cool hashtag…

In a recent interview with People Magazine Barack and Michelle Obama reveal their most cherished moments, their favorite songs and the movies they netflix and chill to…


Favorite Books of 2015

The president, a famous bibliophile, says his favorite book of 2015 is Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, a novel that explores the key to a great marriage from two different perspectives. Topping the First Lady’s book list is another portrait of a marriage, The Light of the World, Elizabeth Alexander’s memoir about the sudden death of her husband.

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Favorite Songs of 2015

Michelle reveals she can’t get enough of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, while her husband says he’s all about Kendrick Lamar‘s “How Much a Dollar Cost.” No wonder Lamar got 11 2016 Grammy nominations.

Favorite Movies 0f 2015

The movie Barack most enjoyed this year was The Martian, starring Matt Damon, while Michelle was smitten with the Amy Poehler-led animated movie Inside Out.

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Favorite Shows of 2015

Although Barack says his favorite show is the Cinemax drama series The Knick, we know the president is also a fan of Michelle’s top TV pick: Black-ish. In fact,Anthony Anderson, one of the stars of the hit ABC sitcom, has said he’s petitioned the First Couple to make a guest appearance on the show, the president did, after all, trek through the wilderness with Bear Grylls in episode of Running Wild that will air Dec. 17 on NBC. The president enjoyed his cameo on the show so much that he honored it as one of his favorite moments of the year – a “never thought I’d do that” moment.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Jason Wu ruby chiffon dress at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Ball

Favorite Moments of 2015

“In September, I became the first sitting president to visit north of the Arctic Circle, but before I made it up there, I checked out a glacier and trekked through the Alaskan wilderness with Bear Grylls,” Barack tells PEOPLE. “Now, based on what I know of Bear, this could have gone a number of ways – and I did end up eating a salmon that had been gnawed on by an actual bear – but we had a great time.”

“The landscape was breathtaking, and so were the very real effects of climate change, which become hard to ignore when the ice is melting into your hands,” he adds. “I thought it was important to talk about protecting the only planet we have, but I never thought I’d be Running Wild with Bear Grylls.”

As for Michelle, “spending time with young people is always a highlight for me – in schools, on military bases, in the White House – anywhere, really.”

“I once spent some time with girls at a school in Cambodia, and one of them read me a poem she had written about Let Girls Learn, our initiative to help girls worldwide go to school,” the First Lady shares. “It was beautiful – I was trying so hard not to cry!”


Source: PEOPLE

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