How Birthday Girl Abbyke Domina Fell in Love with Fashion at Age 10

For Abbyke Domina, working in fashion doesn’t seem like a career choice, but fate that she could not resist. At age 10, she was already the best dressed among her peers, standing out at every party she attended. Her flair for fashion continued into the University when she moved from just wearing beautiful pieces to actually making them for her friends to buy.

In a recent chat with our correspondent, Abbyke reveal how she fell in love with fashion. She said, 

it all started at the age of 10. I remember vividly back then, I always wanted to dressup more than the celebrant of any of my friend’s birthday party I attended. I wanted to look good always, l’ll take time to check my elder sister’s wardrobe to try on even clothes that are not my size. I grew up loving fashion, with the intentions of hoping something great will come out of it, and Glory be to God I’m here today.

And today, the Award winning Celebrity Stylist has built an impressive resume that includes working with high-profile celebrity clients for red carpet events and editorial campaigns. She is the talent behind the famous online & print magazine “The Celebrity Shoot” and an emerging force in the fashion industry. Surely, her personality has a lot to do with her success, but it is her keen eye for fashion trends and business knowledge that has brought her to where she is today.

As she adds another year today, the celebrity fashion designer and stylist has released new photos to celebrate her special day….



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