#OSGRecap: Our Top 15 Fashion Trends From 2015

Yes, the year is coming to an end which is both happy and sad, but hey, we have to  move forward!!! So, I have put together a short list( with pictures) of some fashion trends that crossed our radar in 2015… Some were hot, some not, some were not then they became hot and the other way round too… These trends are strictly my opinion and I would love to hear yours. Which of them would you love to see come back in 2016… I vote for the Cropped top without belly button and just like one line of skin showing…

Here is the first from our recap series – on the top fashion trends to hit the streets, rock the red carpets and shows from 2015… Enjoy!!!

Cropped Sets:

After Kerry Washington came with her belly to the Oscars in 2014 , this trend just had to come back into 2015. It came back revamped as we saw a lot less skin compared to the offensive belly button fiasco it came with in 2014… Stars were not left out as cropped tops or two pieces were seen on various red carpets.

Toolz-Promo-Photos-October-2015 4

Ripped Jeans:

aka Tear-tear jenas and me and my friends call them… It started out as a no for me and when i got to see really cool ones that is less ratchet, I started liking them… i still don’t have a pair but I hope 2016 will bring this in because my February pay should be able to afford me some.. FYI Christmas gifts are allowed…
Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe Gentry

toke makinwa olorisupergal2

Toke Makinwa and Spice

Plunging Necklines:

Haha!!! Risque!!!! This was hot in 2015 and was a red carpet fav… From Jennifer Lawrence to Toke Makinwa, this definitely caught our attention this year…
Toke Makinwa
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Two Pieces:

This is the best name I could come up with for this outfit and I love, love, love it!!! I first saw it Stephanie Coker, then Bolanle Olukanni our favorite best dressed media personalities… My own is with my tailor so… 2016 yaaay!!!
stephanie coker olorisupergal
toke makinwa olorisupergal 4


We flew high on this fashion trend this year as variations of this were seen everywhere… from weddings to shows and everywhere in between… classy that is.
Yemi Alade (1)

Knuckle Rings:

It’s no longer a weird thing for you to see a lady with as many as 5 rings on one hand anymore… so get your unlooking game on in 2016… Thank you…
Zainab Balogun olorisupergal 01
Di'ja olorisupergal


From Bowlers to Fedoras and Fascinators, We were totally on our A-Game this year… Our weather sef agrees with it now and it’s especially good for those days that you can’t seem to find your hair comb… don’t say I told you that.
Bolanle Olukanni olorisupergal 05
Zainab Balogun olorisupergal 02

Dipped Hems:

This was an all-time favorite of 2015 and pictures don’t seem to do justice to this beautiful piece of clothing…. Whether you rock it as a dress, a skirt, a shirt or bedsheet sef…. You really can’t go wrong on this… Trust me!!!

Bolanle Olukanni olorisupergal 03

toke toke

Luxurious Fabrics:

For Owambes, it looks like they actually phased out Ankara designs and we that that’s what we can afford.. we say God will win in the end, Ankara will come back!!! Beautiful, beautiful designs trended for this luxurious fabrics like lace, voile and all those others that i can’t remember their names… Quick question, what do you do to those ones that you don’t wear again after spending like #35,00 on the fabric and sowing…
toke makinwa olorisupergal 3
mercy aigbe olorisupergal 2

Dresses/Skirts on Sneakers;

I used to think this was weird but 2015 thought us a big lesson, you can actually rock your work out shoes with your dresses and skirts… Look out for out this next year.. You might even see it at a dinner sef.

sneakers on skirts

Statement Shoes:

Imagine wearing a watermelon or a butterfly on your feet!!! Express yourself!!! This struck big on the red carpets in 2015 and we hope to see more in 2016….
statement shoes
Zainab Balogun olorisupergal 03
Zainab Balogun olorisupergal 04

Skater Skirts/Midi A-Line skirts:

Originally brought on as a vintage especially by Temi DollFace, it has transcended the retro look and has become a more or less modern trend as seen by our fashion favs here…

toke makinwa skirt

Toke and Spice


stephanie coker olorisupergal 02

temi dollface olorisupergal 02


Androgynous Looks:

Act like a woman, Dress like a man…. That’s the theme of this look, hen paired right all your curves will still come out and you’d look oh-so-fabulous!!!

Bolanle Olukanni olorisupergal 02

toke makinwa menswear


The Shift Dress:

As simple as they come, this remained a staple in 2015 as seen by the lovely Toke Makinwa at the Yemi Alade collection launch…It’s good to be fine…



The Pant Suit:

I’d soon get mine…. 2015 was great for the pant suit and I especially like this one worn by Bolanle Olukanni during MTN Project Fame Season 8… beautiful!!!



Bolanle Olukanni olorisupergal 04 stephanie coker olorisupergal 03



What do you think should have made my list??? Leave your comment in those boxes below and we’d definitely do an update soon….

Photo credits: Instagram pages of the people you’re seeing, thank you…

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