Hellofood marks 3rd year anniversary

Nigeria’s No 1 Online food ordering and delivery platform celebrates its third year anniversary. On November 2012, hellofood began its operations in Lagos; the platform was the first to be launched in Africa and remains one of the biggest. 

Hellofood has provided an online food delivery marketplace by connecting people with a variety of cuisines for people to enjoy in all areas of their city and discover new places at all prices.

The hellofood mobile app (free on IOS and Android), provides the simplest and fastest way to order your favourite foods from over 250 of the best restaurants, local restaurants and fast food chains across the country.

Today, has stretched its operations to 11 countries in Africa and has grown up to 20% per month on average in the last 36 months. Through the objective of hellofood being one’s first choice when feeling hungry. With more than 3,500+ partner restaurants on the ordering platform millions of euros have been generated in sales for African restaurants and big chains; the company has the largest online food ordering marketplace in the continent.

The company introduced their delivery service for restaurants who were not equipped with their own delivery riders, since the start of an amazing delivery service it has improved the experience of thousands of customers and eased the lives of many restaurants and chains in Lagos and Abuja.

Many lives have been changed from over 500 job creation in 11 challenging markets. With roughly 50% of female workers in the group and 6 Hellofood alumni who have now started their own technology companies.

Hellofood has managed to scoop an award this year by winning the best customer service company in food retailing at the Nigeria Customer Service Awards (NCSA).

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