Wande Coal Or Orezi, Who’s Got The Best Album Of 2015 So Far?

2015 produces yet another lovely year of classic Nigerian music with many albums and take over songs. So many contents out there no one can say the exact figures of music materials in circulation.
We take a look at two good albums that were in contention for the album of the year so far, Wande Coal’s ‘Wanted and Orezi’s Ghen Ghen album. These two acts are loved by many and have been in the industry for quite a while without an album, so when news came out that they will be dropping their albums, wild jubilation greet their fans and alas their album lived up to the hypes and buzzes that surrounded them.
Orezi on the Black Carpet

Orezi on the Black Carpet

Weeks after their respective release dates, arguments surfaced that one is better than the other and we deem it necessary to analyse who’s got a better album from the two great acts.
Orezi’s Ghen Ghen album was long overdue having been around for quite a while without a debut album but many great hits, one wonders what took him this long. The 20 tracker album was worth the wait afterall as the singer served us with 18 new songs and two other known ones. The songs were well composed and no push overs. Even though the singer admitted that lack of funds culminated into the long delay of his debut album, it is safe to say other acts should take a cue from him, instead of boring your loyal fans with half-baked album, wait for when you can afford it.
Wande’s story is entirely different from Orezi’s he had his debut album, but fans had to wait another six years before they could get a follow-up. Hence the album title ‘Wanted’ was a perfect one. He won so many fans with his ‘Mushin To Mo’Hits’ six years ago before crisis hit his label, he had to follow the newly formed Mavin Records and his infamous exit from the label was a huge setback. I guess you all know the story. Prior to his album he has had lovely tunes under his own Black Diamond label. But ‘Wanted’ was a great comeback that justifies his hiatus. The 23 tracker album has many top stars like 2Baba and Wizkid featured on it. He is indeed wanted was many pledged their desire to lay their hands on his new album having wait for so long.
Wande-Coal (1)
Now the verdict: Personally, I feel Orezi should take the glory for the best album out of Nigeria in 2015 no disrespect to Wande Coal and others who have dropped exciting albums during the course of the year. Reason being that, Wande can be judged based on his debut album that housed evergreen hits and this ‘Wanted’ was nowhere near his effort six years ago even though it was classic but he had raised the bar so high for himself. And Orezi is the new kid in the block of album release in Nigeria and he has redefined the meaning of well-conceived and perfectly produced album.
Have your say, who has a better album from the two acts?

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