Erdogan Urges “Respect” For Election Results After AK Party’s Massive Win

Turkish President, Recep Erdogan has urged the international community to respect his party’s landslide parliamentary victory on Sunday.

Following months of concern over the elections and worries that the ruling AK party might lose even more seats, AK party swept back into a majority in Sunday’s elections. AK party won 49.4 percent of the vote while the main opposition CHP won about 25 percent of the vote (134 seats), while the nationalist MHP party secured almost 12 percent.

Following backlash after the Turkish government raided an opposition linked newspaper, President Erdogan has urged the world to accept the results. He said, “The whole world must show respect. So far I haven’t seen such a maturity from the world

Our people clearly showed in the November 1 elections that they prefer action and development to controversy,”

President Erdogan must now face the rising wave of terrorist attacks in Turkey as well as battle the PKK in hopes of ending insurgency once and for all.

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