OSG TRAVEL – 5 Abominations You Should Avoid On a Plane

Flying may be the fastest mode of transportation, but it is also the most fatal when accidents occur. This is one reason why strict rules and regulations are enforced when on board any plane. These regulations are enforced onboard because decorum is needed to maintain order mid-flight. To protect you and other passengers,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some of the things you should not do on a plane.


Taking booze

Some passengers have been reported to smuggle alcohol aboard planes in airports across Nigeria. The culprits often get  intoxicated and display uncontrolled behaviours on board. More often than not, they create a scene and are scolded by the flight attendant, fellow passengers and may be arrested when they arrive at their destination.To avoid the embarrassing situations, it is safer to stash the bottles till you arrive at your destination.

Threatening other passengers

Every flying individual, including crew and cabin staff, always desire a smooth flight without having to experience the troubles associated with settling disputes mid-air. However, there are situations where a quarrelsome passenger may pick a fight with you. Rather than exchange words with him, leave them to the flight attendants. If the passenger becomes a threat, join efforts with other passengers to stop him from doing any damage.



Smoking on a bus with windows wound down is highly unpleasant, let alone smoking on a plane with air-tight compartments. If you have the urge to puff on a stick, there are some airports in Kaduna and Enugu which have reserved lounges for smokers. However, if you succeed in getting a pack of cigarette on board, it better to suppress the urge to use them until the plane touches down.

Spending eternity in the toilet

Remember that this is not your personal restroom and other people on board will want to use the toilet as well so use the convenience as quickly as possible. Do not turn it into a smoking hub or use it for other unwholesome activities.

Walking around barefooted

When inside a plane, it automatically becomes a place where decorum reigns supreme, therefore, etiquette demands that you wear your shoes everywhere you go. But if you decide to remove your shoes, it is best to wear a pair of socks. This will stop the plane from filling out with smelly shoes and feet.

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