#MovieDateWithOSG – The Perfect Plan To See The Perfect Guy Movie

Public holidays don’t come around often enough every year. However, when the much anticipated holidays come, more often than not, we find ourselves without plans!

Nice guys that we are, we’ve decided to make plans for you on one of the public holidays!
This week, a couple stand the chance of going on a movie date at the Silverbird Cinema, Ikeja. It’s not just a plan for you, it’s a plan for your significant other as well. This weekend, two couples will win tickets to see one of the most anticipated movies of 2015.
Here’s a hint, think Michael Ealy, arguably the hottest actor on the big screen along Sanaa Lathan. Throw in Morris Chestnut for good measure and you have a parade of hotness for the girls to drool about.
So, here’s how you can win tickets to see “The Perfect Guy” with your date; answer a few simple questions.
Did I mention we’re throwing in popcorn to munch on as well as drinks?
There you have it, the perfect plan to see the “Perfect man”,
As to the questions, you can go with questions that will make people participate
1. What is the greatest movie of all time and why?
2. Who was your favorite speaker at the NMC 2015?
Two winners will be picked.
The two winners will be announced on Tuesday September 22nd, 2015
The winners are allowed to bring a friend or date along.

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