AUDU MAIKORI ON THE COVER OF THISDAY STYLE: “I Believe in Power with Positive Purpose”


Founder, Chocolate City Music Group, Mr Audu Maikori , is the cover of this week’s ThisDay Style. The Social Entrepreneur, hot off the ‘Taste Of Luxury’ celebrations hosted by the world’s first luxury Whisky, Chivas Regal, speaks candidly about his humble beginnings, and his career in law and music. 

Audu shares his views about the fluid and dynamic Nigerian music industry, its strengths and likely future turns.  A man of intense passion himself, Audu speaks glowingly of the increasing tendency of young Nigerians to take bolder steps than their parents, living off their passions, and very successfully too. Audu takes time to share his love of whisky and how he likes it served.



Make time to share the story of this socially conscious African entrepreneur.

Credits: Stylist/Creative director-Tokyo James; Photographer-Kadara Enyeasi

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