Indian Court Reverses Ban On Maggi Noodles

The Indian food regulatory agency banned the sale of Nestle’s “Maggi noodles”, the company’s largest selling product in India in June.

The ban came after the regulatory agency tested the product and found it exceeded the accepted limit for lead. However, Nestle maintained that its product is safe and went to court to challenge the decision.
The Bombay High court sitting today determined that the ban was illegal. The court ruling reads in part, “We have examined the evidence in great detail. Since the petitioner Nestle has already agreed not to make and sell Maggi until the food authorities are satisfied, we see no reason to allow any relief to food authorities,”

“We direct that Nestle send five samples from each batch of Maggi for testing to three labs and only if the lead is found to be lower than permitted will they start manufacturing and sale again.”

India’s food regulatory agency yesterday sued Nestle to the tune of $100 million for unfair trade practices. It is unclear whether today’s judgment affects the regulatory agency’s suit.

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