I am the happiest man alive today not because I have the fattest bank account or a mouthwatering wardrobe allowance but because today marks one year since I got married to my beautiful wife. A few of you may be wondering why that should be so much of a big deal to me when on a regular basis, millions of couples celebrate their twentieth, thirtieth or even fiftieth wedding anniversaries but hey, lets celebrate the days of little beginning.

Perhaps if I shared the story of how we met, you will understand why I am this giddy. It started in 2013. I had just finished University and was posted to serve in Lagos. I hadn’t been to Lagos in my life and was a little apprehensive about it but nonetheless, I had to go, ‘That is where your destiny wants. Go there and do well’, my aged mother told me on the day I was to make my journey.


I arrived Lagos at exactly 7am, after about twelve hours of traveling, I arrived at the popular Oshodi terminal, ready for the next phase of my life. In no time, I was seated in the Iyana-Ipaja bound bus right next to a gorgeous damsel who seemed too preoccupied with her iPhone to even notice me. As God will have it, her battery soon ran out and I knew that was my cue. I didn’t waste time,


‘Can I fill in?’ I asked.


She shot me that quizzical look as though asking if she complained of boredom but trust me, I wasn’t moved,


I mean, can I keep you company till we get to our destination’.


 At this point, I could tell I had a fair chance so I fired on and in no time, we were laughing and gisting as though we had been friends since forever.


We continued with our friendship on camp. We did everything together and were always with each other. Luckily for us, we got posted to teach in schools within the same vicinity and our friendship continued. We didn’t need a soothsayer to tell us we were into each other, so after a few more months of friendship, I made the move and we became ‘official’.


But then, there was an issue; she is the only daughter of her father who is a General in the army. He once led the battalion to a peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone and was renowned to be a feisty and protective of her, but how could I not know about this from the start?….Love is indeed blind. After several months of postponement, I finally summoned up courage and asked to meet her father. My colleagues, friends and even a few family members had warned me to prepare for the worst, some others even advised I back out of the relationship but no, this was the woman I love and the one I was ready to be with.


The day soon came and there I was about to be consumed by the unknown. She sat next to me calming me down and assuring me all would be fine but mehn! I was tensed. A million and one thoughts kept racing in my head, ‘What if he was angry’, What if he sends me out’ ‘What if he asks that I be detained’ but I refused to give in to fears and allowed my confidence take over. A few minutes later, he walked in and I must confess, I was dazed.


Watch the video to see what happened next….


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