How That Gulder TV Advert Changed My Life

… A Story by Olamide Jasanya


I only clicked on the link because my friends had been making noise about this “awesome new Gulder commercial”. It’s rare to hear people discussing a TV advert as if it is a song or a movie, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

There are three guys, JohnDanand Mike. John is a guys shopping in a boutique who sees a beautiful woman walk in, and has to somehow summon up the courage to talk to her. Dan is a guy who is meeting his girlfriend’s dad for the first time. His girlfriend’s dad is a retired military General. Mike is a top performer at his workplace who is wondering whether to ask for the promotion he is due. He worries about whether he will be fired for asking, and his whole life will fall apart. In all 3 scenarios, the men eventually face their fears and go for what they want.



What jumped out at me from all three scenarios was that the men in question had to go for what they wanted after already being in a situation where they “deserved” it. John is a fairly good-looking guy, but he still had to walk up to the pretty lady and catch her attention. She didn’t come to him. Dan was already in a committed relationship with the General’s daughter, but he still had to find the courage to meet her father and conquer his own intimidation. Mike was the best performer at his workplace, but the promotion did not happen automatically – even though he deserved it. He had to ask for it.

The big lesson from this is that while life generally tends to reflect what one puts into it, one still has to do that little bit extra to achieve success. Or put in another way, one gets what one negotiates for, and not what one deserves.  Food for thought to say the least!

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