Senator Shehu Sani Says Senate Order Forgery Is An Internal Issue

Senator Shehu Sani, representing the Kaduna Central Senatorial district has decried the involvement of the Nigerian Police force in the allegation of forgery of Senate standing order.

Senator Sani insisted that the forgery was an internal affair of the 8th Assembly and that the Police have no business getting involved.

Nigeria’s 8th National Assembly has been continually embroiled in in fighting and wrangling between factions since its inauguration.

“The forgery problem is not the issue of police but the issue of the senate,” Senator Sani said.

”I got elected on the 8th senate. I was provided with document that I used; whether that document was forged, I cannot affirm.”

“We should bury our differences and work together,” he said. “Though some senators still have their differences, but I am not one of them; and not one of those who went and elected the new leadership of the Senate.”

He acknowledged the division across the members of the Assembly; “the crisis rocking NASS is not in the best interest of the parliament, government and whole country.
“I belong to those who believe that, we should bury our differences so that the country can move forward and continue with our legislative duties and commit ourselves to those who elected us as senators.”

The Nigerian Police Force yesterday revealed that the Senate standing order had been forged and recommended that those behind the forgery should be immediately prosecuted.

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