Afmobi Nigeria Creates Employment With Palmplay offlineTM

Afmobi Nigeria believes its innovative team of experts has designed a wireless platform that will help employ Nigerians or make them entrepreneurs through a plethora of fun apps, games, movie, music, pictures and business content hosted on a magical fun box they call Palmplay offlineTM.

Apps and content for Africa, think Afmobi

Creating employment for Nigerians sound brilliant but, hey who’s Afmobi? A quick background check on this Tech outlet wouldn’t hurt anyone if you ask me. So, I did my research and it turned out Afmobi is a mobile and internet Tech services company with HQ in Shenzhen, China and  has three other offices in Lagos-Nigeria, Accra-Ghana and Nairobi-Kenya.


They seem pretty straight forward with their mission which is to be the only mobile and internet comprehensive online service provider in Africa. Ok, in simple words, Afmobi has their business plan clearly mapped out for just the African market and hopes to create a content-rich wireless hub whereby Nigerians can download games, movie, music, apps and pictures without using their mobile data.

Palmplay offlineTM Afmobi’s megastore for offline content

The name Palmplay offline TM has offline in it for a reason and that is because all the thrills on this wireless platform happens offline (…c’mon don’t tell me I need to define offline for ya, do you??). So as you’ll expect, your mobile data is perfectly safe when you enjoy premium content download over Palmplay wireless connection with amazing speed thanks to its strong bandwidth.

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The question is how does it work? That’s a good question; the mechanics are simple and that’s why you need to be trained. Some smart guys just completed the first training with Afmobi, guys you don miss. The training had in number nothing less than 20 attendees, they were trained on how to use this magic box called Palmplay Offlinetm, how to make steady income been an entrepreneur to empower themselves and trust me there was item 7?. See the pictures after the cut.

So how do you profit from Palmplay offline TM?

Bet you’ve been waiting for this moment. Ok, here’s the deal the Palmplay offline TM boxes have bandwidth that can cover a given distance, that means users can enjoy contents from a supplying box within a given range. So, yeah the business plan is to locate high traffic spots where there are descent cluster of people at any given time and install the box.

That brings me to the freelance agents.

Freelance agents get 10% on very content sold

Let’s say you’re a freelance agent of Afmobi you can maintain a steady stream of income by getting the Palmplay offlineTM boxes installed at different location where there are descent cluster of people like Tech vendor stores, super marts, QSR, Hotels, Campus etc. The more people connect and sign up on the platform, remember it will not take their data and my people like awuf ?, they are free to download some contents for free but for the paid ones which ranges from N10 – N100 depending on the content, as they are buying cards to activate them, you get 10 % of every income generated from each spot you created.

Become a freelance agent. Join this summer’s Afmobi training

The training is ongoing, Afmobi is still training interested freelance agents for its Palmplay offlineTM for free this summer in her Lagos office 20, Awolowo way Ikeja, computer village environ, and you can learn how to earn yourself some descent dough and become an entrepreneur, with this ingenious initiative by Africa’s leading mobile and internet content developer Afmobi.

For enquiries call 08093957993, 08172005365, 08093958005.

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