Udoka Oyeka, KC Ejelonu, Muna Abii, Moet Abebe, Funny Bone and more to star in TV Drama ‘Living Arrangement’

Applegazer & Karmacause Productions has wrapped up the production of a brand new Television Series, Living Arrangement.


The Independent TV comedy drama stars Udoka Oyeka (Tinsel) as the lead alongside Seun Ajayi, KC Ejelonu, Muna Abii, Moet Abebe, Sammie Eddie & Funny Bone. The show is created, produced and directed by Olufemi D Ogunsanwo.


IMG_0835 Olufemi D. Ogunsanwo (Director) and Iyke Chima Obasi (DOP) Muna Abii, Moet Abebe, KC Ejelonu and Udoka Oyeka Seun Ajayi, Kunle Coker, KC Ejelonu, Odenike, Udoka Oyeka Cast and Crew of Living Arrangement



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