A Peek into the world of Sunlight’s Alarambara

She may not be the official face of Sunlight but there’s little doubt

, Nollywood luminary, is fast becoming the voice of the detergent brand, thanks to Sisi Oge, the character she plays on the hit Yoruba radio drama, Alarambara.


But Alarambara is much more than product promotion as the values of home, family, relationships and, of course cleanliness it seeks to promote are regularly on display in the different episodes.

Take Episode 7, Adventure with Sunlight, for instance: Sisi Oge’s nephew has just won “Neatest boy in School” and how this recognition has helped the boy’s self-esteem and, consequently, his academic performance. Iyawo also discovers Sunlight is appropriate to use for her baby’s laundry needs.

In My Husband_My Sunlight, Sisi Oge’s friends (Anike, Bisi, Iya Alaje and Iyawo, to the uninitiated) is shocked to find out Sisi’s husband does his own laundry – a state of affairs, they also find out, not occasioned by a rift in their marriage but rather a strengthening of bonds helped by laundry stuff.


Alarambara Visual

There’s going to be a party – Bisi’s birthday party, to be precise – and none of our ladies wants to be outshone even as each tries to make The Right Choice, the ninth episode in the series. Sisi Oge happens to be the standard everyone else is attempting to equal or surpass and as expected, she gives much of the credit to cleaning material.

Episode 10 finds Anike and Sisi Oge forming an emergency rescue team to help Iya Alaje to help transform a loved one From Pig to Prince and convert an unruly portion of her home to a sparkling spot.

So far, Alarambara has delivered the goods, in entertaining and enlightening, to its expanding base of fan. It shouldn’t be out of place to raise a toast to the series, just like Sisi Oge did at Bisi’s birthday bash, while hoping the final episodes provide a fitting close to what has been quite a thrill ride.

If memory serves correctly, Sisi Oge had wished Bisi more er, Sunlight. Alarambara radio drama series has been on the airwaves across major south west radio stations and is set to reach its climax.

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