Igbo Community Takes Cultural Festival To Lagos

Forget it – The Igbos are not leaving Lagos anytime soon.

Threaten to drown or deport them, it’s clear these enterprising Nigerians are here; to stay for good.


Claiming their place in the most commercial state in Nigeria, last weekend as #AkioluGate was unraveling, the people of Arondizuogu, a popular Igbo community in Imo state Nigeria were celebrating their most significant festival- The Annual Ikeji Arondizuogu Festival at the National Stadium Surulere, Lagos.


The festival, which is normally celebrated in far away Okigwe town Imo state, attracted over 10,000 Igbo indigenes and their families and friends at the Lagos state monumental venue.  The Igbo community raised their flag as they took over the stadium with their cultural music, masquerades and other festivities all day long.

One of the high points of the festival was the sampling of Ace Roots drink, which had many attest to the low sugar content of the drink, ‘It is my first time tasting this drink and I am in love with it already. From the taste alone, I can tell it has low sugar, which is good for me’Pius Ihediem, one of the guests who sampled the drink said.



(L-R) Host, Canice Okeke, Regional Trade Makt Manager NB, Olubukola Dare and President Movement for Arondizuogu Progress Mazi Eric Ikoro at the Ikeji Arondizuogu Festival sponsored by ACE ROOTS at National Stadium Lagos on Sunday

Apart from the usual festival elements, this year a new common factor was noticed as almost all the guests were holding a cup of the new Ace Roots herbal mixed fruits drink. The drink, which is rich in herbal content of 14 African herbs and spices with only 6 per cent alcoholic content, was undoubtedly the drink of the day at this year’s festival.


Reacting to the sponsorship, President of the Movement for Arondizuogu Progress (MAP) Mazi Eric Ikoro, thanked Ace Roots for the sponsorship adding that the it was instrumental to the success of the festival, ‘We are very grateful to Ace Roots for this initiative. With this gesture, the drink has really proven to be truly African

The people of Arondizuogu have proven yet again that Nigerians are never reluctant to embrace their roots irrespective of their place of residence.
Arondizuogu is an annual socio-cultural and religious festival staged in different parts of the world to celebrate thanksgiving, propitiation and feasting.

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