Check Out The 2015 Gentlemen’s Collection By Sammies Couture

The modern African man, the new Gentleman….

The collection talks about the modern day African man whose love for traditional outfit travels through time, Inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of the African man.The collection is one with depth with bold strong and bright projections.
Details includes bright colors of Aso Oke, Brocade, Vintage patches and monochrome elements. Handmade sandals, drums and hats all representing Africa.
The collection has a refined taste for traditional wears and its built to appreciate wearers and fashion enthusiast that promotes African culture.
Label: Sammies Couture
Creative Director: Peters Samuel
Collection :2015 lookbook(DEBUT)
Collection Title: Gentleman’s Guide

Sammies_Couture_ED-1 Sammies_Couture_ED-2 Sammies_Couture_ED-3 Sammies_Couture_ED-4 Sammies_Couture_ED-5 Sammies_Couture_ED-6 Sammies_Couture_ED-7 Sammies_Couture_ED-8 Sammies_Couture_ED-9 Sammies_Couture_ED-10 Sammies_Couture_ED-11 Sammies_Couture_ED-12 Sammies_Couture_ED-13 Sammies_Couture_ED-14 Sammies_Couture_ED-15 Sammies_Couture_ED-16 Sammies_Couture_ED-17

Stylist: CH styling
Make up: Phronesys Signatures
Photographer: TCD Photography
Models: Wale Bello,Denrele Edun,Kanayo Richards.
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