“Bola Ahmed Tinubu”, The Ultimate Player

Today I feel honoured to say a few tribute as you JAGABAN OF BORGU celebrates your birthday, I wish you a magical day that is profoundly happy and richly blessed.

I appreciate the special and unique role that you play in our country (Nigeria) – long may you continue to do so.  ?… History of our democracy cannot be completed without your name as you have become a n institution not only in Nigeria but around the continent of Africa.
Please know that you are admired and loved by Nigerians, upwardly mobile youths and myself inclusive, as  a dogged fighter and as a leader of note.
Today I acknowledge your  struggles- through times of adversity and throughout the celebrations in our lives. Your strength, your success  continues to brighten my days in so many wonderful ways – unfailingly, uncompromisingly and unyieldingly.
Without a doubt, birthdays can be humbling or liberating ; enlightening or a source of introspection; endured or celebrated with carefree abandon.
I hope that your birthday will be liberating, enlightening and celebrated with carefree abandon with those who love you and care about you.
Asiwaju, ; Till the Future dares Forget the Past, your name  shall be an echo and a light till eternity; your name shall continue to survive through the darkest hours as all odds are in your favour.
For this is what defines you and always will.
Happy Birthday Baba!!!


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