Update on murdered STV staff Aishat Noble-Mustapha

Investigations have been going on ever since Miss Aishat Noble-Mustapha was stabbed to death on Saturday March 14th. The update shows that no boyfriend of hers had a hand in her murder as widely speculated.

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See what a staff of STV told Encomium magazine

“Aishat’s killers have not been established but the police have made a few arrests. Initially they arrested one Chima Shadrack Mmuta, the prime suspect. In all, they have arrested four of her neighbors including the said Chima and one Mr Ogundimu who happen to be within the premises when the incident occurred. The other two are Chima’s host, the people he lived with. Investigations is still ongoing and the case has been transferred to the state Criminal Investigation Division Panti. No boyfriend or lover killed Aishat. The prime suspect cooked up the story in his defense. Every evidence the police has points at him. In his defense, he claimed he saw a guy beating and stabbing her and then drove off in a car. The police asked him to describe the person and car he drove off in, he couldn’t give a description. Also he was found with the victims blood stained phone two days after while in the police cell. He hid it in his under pants. However he remains a suspect, though he is the prime suspect until the police come up with clear facts”

As for if she was pregnant or not, he said

“Autopsy is yet to be carried out on her corpse and until then we cannot really say whether she was pregnant. The pregnancy stuff we hear is more of speculation. I have seen Aisha transit from a slim girl to a fat girl and back to a slim girl. Most people probably saw a picture of her looking fat and assumed she was pregnant. The Aisha I knew before the unfortunate incident was on the slim side trying to gain weight again. For now, its mere speculation”

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