“It Is A Lie, I Don’t Have HIV” – Hanks Anuku


Recently the news of popular actor Hanks Anuku being HIV positive and infecting his wife went viral. The actor has however denied that he his HIV positive talk more of infecting his wife.

According to NET, the actor, who now lives in Ghana, revealed that he has never even been to Zambia let alone be involved in any escapades there or elsewhere. Hanks, popular know in Nollywood circles as the Senator, after a role he played in a movie, says he does not have any form of venereal disease, talk more of H.I.V.

‘I think it’s just a malicious rumour being spread around and it’s definitely fueled by a lot of pain and jealousy, which explains why it has been so embellished with such fallacies. My wife called me and we’ve spoken about this. She’s a very calm person, and I’m so proud because we understand each other. We know the story is false, and she’s taking it so lightly but it hurts. I’ve never had any such sexcapades in my life; I don’t even hang out with women like that. People that know me will attest to the fact that I have principles and I have self-control when it comes to women. So, I don’t have H.I.V or any infection of any kind,’ 


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