Charlie Hebdo Puts Prophet Muhammad On Their Front Cover…Again!

Across Paris, people stood in queues amid strong winds. There they were, undeterred and determined to lay their hands on their prized possession.

Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine which came under attack last week and lost 10 of its staff have found today to be one of its busiest days ever. In an unprecedented sales glut, the magazine has printed and sold nearly 5 million copies of its new issue.

The magazine is as brazen as ever with their new issue spotting the Prophet Muhammad on the front cover displaying the words which have now become a symbol of resistance “Je suis Charlie”.

France has rallied around in this difficult time and the Charlie Hebdo magazine has become more than just another over the top magazine, it has become a symbol and many are purchasing their latest copy to lend support to the magazine and ensure that it doesn’t go under.

It is worth remembering that the magazine came under attack a few years ago after putting a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad on the cover of their magazine.

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