Enter a child for the Julieana Ali Train A Nigerian Child Student Selection Program

Julieana Ali Train a Nigerian child foundation is a charity organization that is committed to sending Nigerian children who have dropped out of the school system back to school. Our aim is to reduce the number of primary and secondary school dropouts we have in Nigeria, especially the bright ones, whose parents can’t afford to send back to school due to lack of funds.



The Julieana Ali train a Nigerian child team is imploring the help of the public to send in names of such pupil/student who is likely not going to be able continue the current school session. We will call them in for an interview, and the selected ones will also be released on line. All you need to do is send in the following details to info@trainanigerianchild.com


Flyer TNC Julieana Ali, Founder



Name of pupil/student

Name of school

Current class

Parent/guardian’s name

Phone number


We will contact them and also visit their schools.

For more information visit www.trainanigerianchild.com

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