Ho! Ho! Hold up!

I was getting carried away there for a minute. It’s ten days till Christmas and nine more days to the end of the 30 day #OSGXmasGiveaway!

Thirty non stop days of giving put awesome stuff. It’s been all shades of spectacular especially since it’s all so simple.

Sharp people have already won exciting prizes; GoTV decoders, Gift bags and vouchers from LISE BEAUTY RANGE, UBER LAGOS, DEBOOCHE UK, SCUUP NG, BRIEF ESSENTIALS.

If you haven’t won anything yet, you’re not too late to the party, we still have nine days to go so, get in!

Winning is really simple; answer the question of the day and, voila! The first person to supply the answer wins.

Our winner for day 20 is Alexander Bazunu. Congrats!

Here’s today’s question; “What two actors have played the role of James Bond?”

Please note ;

Your answers must be vivid.
Also add your real name, phone number and email address so we can contact you.

Today’s winner gets a Goody bag from LISE beauty range

The first person to give the correct answer wins. Good luck people!

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