Music Review: Phenom/ Gyration




Phenom’s here isn’t the usual deep bar stuff, rather something that gravitates towards the larger commercial aspect of things. This is understandable, and if I were in his place I’d do the exact same thing.



Which one of us has the time or mental strength to break down deep flows and concrete wordplay in December? Is that what we are at the parties for this yuletide? Okay.



The beats are heavy, largely sounding like stuff off local drums and tiny piano sounds at the core of things. The lyrics aren’t exactly the best from our man, but who cares? He asks that we gyrate, and gyrate we do. It’s not exactly the greatest hit we’d expect from our Knight House General, but we can use for some binges and things. Nearly every song in mainstream Nigeria today says one thing or the other about the female body and her wiggling and what not. A dearth in content and quality you say? Perhaps. This right here as well isn’t a break from the norm, and though lacking in aspects of saying anything really serious subject-wise, we still like.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?








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