Music Review: Da LES feat. Ice Prince/ “I Swear”




Ice Prince and his buddy, Da L.E.S., embark on this and take us along on their journey of greatness. “I Swear” is some dope or better still fancy verses on pristine beats and all that. Regular stuff.


It is material tailored to the particular frolicking audience that constitutes the pop culture core. Nothing more. Ice is upbeat as usual, perhaps a bit vainglorious, but he isn’t saying anything new, almost like a recycled whatever from his arsenal. Ice is lazy on his verse, nothing special, except that he is vulgar and makes a totally unneeded allusion to the herb. Meh!


Da LES is okay, maybe a little above average, but still lacking that extra fire to kill off the piece. Original beats, and catchy groove but after all said this lacks in major angles and could have been a better effort. Under less prominent hands, “I Swear” isn’t that much a song to grab your minds. Good effort though, I see maybe a remix with some Eva and Phyno in the mix to sizzling things to the crest. What ya say?


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?




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