Rwanda’s Arthur, Ghana’s Kacey Moore and Namibia’s Luis were evicted in an all-male Big Brother Hotshots hat-trick on Sunday, leaving just 16 housemates in contention for the USD300 000 prize. The fourth eviction of the season was also the first that hadn’t featured any of the Big Brother Hotshots ladies, with sole female nominee Sheillah surviving this week

This week, IK revealed the results of the Extravaganza Task before evicting anyone. His announcement sent Team A – Downtown Beats – into raptures as they celebrated immunity from nomination this week. Their story of survival in the city drew the most viewer votes, with Butterphly, JJ, Idris, Luis, Tayo, Sipe. Sheillah and Mr. 265 and KC Moore starring. He also told viewers that the housemates are feeling the pressure and often struggling to keep their emotions in check. During the week, Idris kicked a door and broke it – and Big Brother doesn’t like the housemates disrespecting the house. Big Brother punished him by making him do all of Head of House JJ’s chores. Big Brother also gave JJ a whistle and whenever he blew it, Idris had to perform a task.

With the results in – and verified by auditors SizweNtsalubaGobodo – IK took viewers into the house and asked Head of House JJ to reveal his ‘add’ decision. The Zimbabwean was forthright, telling the continent that he’d added Frankie to the nomination list. “I feel like Frankie has a little less respect for me as a man. I’ve had a few questions about that – maybe it was because of my age. We sorted that out about a day ago, so no hard feelings,” he said. With that reveal out of the way, it was time to send somebody home. After sending the housemates to safety, one by one, IK revealed that Arthur had been evicted from the Big Brother house. Out on stage, the upbeat Rwandan told IK that he’d initially held back on showcasing skills other than his comedic talents, but that over the course of the last month, he felt that Africa had gotten to see his full array of artistic skills.

IK then revealed to viewers that Big Brother had instructed him to head back into the house and send two more housemates home. Back inside, IK revealed exactly that – and didn’t waste any time in revealing that Kacey Moore and Luis had been evicted. After they’d said their goodbyes, IK quizzed Kacey Moore about his constant talk about home during his Diary Sessions and the role those may have played in Africa’s decision to send him home. “Tonight I’m having an early Christmas because I’m seeing my daughter and my wife, I’m the happiest man in the world!” said the Ghanaian. Asked who he would send home, Kacey struggled to compose himself before naming Frankie, who he said ‘hadn’t been himself’.

His fellow evictee Luis was far more upbeat, and laughed when IK showed him a clip of the Namibian singing about Mira. “Were you a bit too heavy on the Mira love?” asked IK. “I haven’t been in love in a long time, so an amazing woman like Mira struck something in me,” Luis told him. “From that point on, it was all about her, I don’t take anything back”. He told IK that his future plans were to take his television show continental and continue with his modeling career. Quizzed about who he thought would win Big Brother Hotshots, Luis said that one of Idris and Tayo would take the money – the former because his plan to have everyone like him was working, and the latter because he was laying everything out in the open.

Nigerian dancehall & reggae superstar Patoranking performed twice during the show, first wowing the audience with ‘Alubarika’ and then returning later with his smash hit ‘Girlie O’. The winner of this week’s StarMeter challenge, which measures the popularity of the housemates, based on social media buzz, was Macky 2 – with social media chatter naming him the ‘most sneaky’ housemate. The question for this week is: ‘Which Big Brother Hotshots housemate is the laziest?’.

Nominations again took place immediately after the Eviction show, but the housemates will only discover their fate during Monday’s Nomination show (20:00 CAT on AfricaMagic Showcase & Maisha Magic and 21:30 CAT on AfricaMagic Family, AfricaMagic World on GOtv).

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